Starting out in Cyberspace

Starting out in Cyberspace – my first ever blog post

Entering the world of social media is quite an experience. It is impossible to go slowly and learn a little at a time, purely because it is like a mental assault course! So much there and moving so fast.

In an attempt to slow things down, purely so I could try to absorb what is as natural as breathing to everyone seemingly aged 5+ years – I started with Facebook.

Facebook appears to be like a cyber daisy chain. Snap shots of people’s lives, committed to the pixels and sent out to hang in space and then land randomly in other peoples’ lives. And always smiling.

Twitter – so aptly named – seems to be like a Kingfisher hovering, tweeting a short message, and then darting away. Sound bites of life. Some funny, some sad, some totally inane. Everyone appears to have a voice which is rather a change from my childhood era when, frankly, you just didn’t. You had to “grow into” having a voice. Not a bad thing necessarily, just different.

Pinterest – now that seemed to be a little more solid. After all, it is merely a notice board with something on it – so it must be easier. But – no. Random items appear and I want to know – how, from whom, why and where from? Really? Oh – ok. More to learn then.

So, here I am, catapulted into the 21C. Quite a ride and never, ever boring.

These are the vehicles to, hopefully, get our new company noticed. A new venture. No more retail – now we are in the new world – and the products dance in space, as opposed to sitting on department store shelves – waiting for the new generation to reach out and – buy one!



One thought on “Starting out in Cyberspace

  1. Philip Jones says:

    This is likewise the first time I have ventured into this alien territory. A stranger indeed but, I suspect, from my antiquated perspective, hardly in paradise! May the time soon come when you find yourself a stranger no more! Philip

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