Pixie & Jack ensure whole range is totally safe for babies

“Softness is at the heart of everything that we do”. That is our mantra and you will find it dotted around our beautiful website. But, behind the scenes, the major drive is for safety and good ethical values too.


We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and great care is taken through each stage of production. Starting with the fabrics we use. The printed cotton used for our sleeping bags, backing some of our fleeces and the hoods on the towels come from Italy. We have dealt with this company for many years and their quality and attention to detail is excellent.



We use 100% cotton woven fabrics that need to wash, iron if wanted and then look good. Wash after wash. We are dealing with new, young babies so we don’t use chemicals to “finish” the fabrics. Consequently, expertise is needed to get the standard of quality we need. The Oeko-Tex certificate confirms that the methods used all conform to their quality controls and that no harmful substances are used.

On the ecology front, during the printing process, water is taken from the lake which is in front of the factory, used in processing and then passed through to an adjoining plant which cleanses the waste matter. The water is then returned, purified, to the lake! Win/Win I think is the expression. We have beautiful cloth and the ecosystem is unharmed.



The fabric is then shipped to our factory in Lancashire where an experienced team work their magic to create our designs.

A moment here, I think, to thank Rachel and her girls to show we appreciate all the care you show us. There are many Health and Safety standards guiding production and all are rigidly adhered to.

Having worked with Rachel for some time now, her experience is invaluable and the fact that she is a mum too only gives us added benefits with her working knowledge in both areas. Her enthusiasm for our new ranges is the icing on the cake.

We all care – and I think, and hope, that it shows.