Made in Great Britain

We quite love the fact that we make as many of our products as we possibly can, here in the UK. All our sleeping bags, hooded towels, luxury fleece blankets, sheets and animal print blankets are made right here, by our dedicated manufacturing team in Lancashire. In fact the only ones that are not made in Britain are the cotton blankets which are made exclusively for us by a company in Portugal, who are specialists in knitted cottons.

So why did we decide to go local when we could have imported our range from elsewhere?  It’s a lot to do wanting to respond quickly to our customer’s needs and producing products of which we are truly proud.

We can design and make stuff quickly
We dream up the designs and source the fabric – always ethical and tested to be safe for babies btw – then pass onto the team to turn into beautiful soft products for babies.

We can be totally confident in the quality of our products
We know the team who make our things, personally, and we know they care about the quality of what they are making.  So every design we produce is given the care and attention it needs to make it special.

Ethical Production is very important to us and our customers
We know that all our products are produced ethically, from the fabric manufacturing, and the printing and through to the factory.  We are not just waiting for a container to arrive from overseas with no idea of what has happened to get it here.

We take responsibility for the environmental impact of our production
We don’t damage the environment in any of our dyeing or printing processes and there is minimal transportation of fabric and components from the design through to testing and production.

We can respond quickly and efficiently
If we are running low on a line or two, we are able to respond quickly.  This gives us confidence that we can meet the demand.

And you know what,  it feels good to run a business like this.