The Guinness Shoot

Delia's guiness cake

Would you like to know about our first photoshoot? On the assumption that was a yes or you just want to know the meaning of the headline – here we go.

We put out the word that we needed babies to wrap the blankets around and were pleasantly surprised that two young mums were willing to take the risk of a few hours with us and Carrie, our delightful photographer. They were friends. Of course – who else would do this for love as opposed to money? Friends, that’s who.

Carrie, experienced with children and with many years of photographic experience under her belt, arrived with all her equipment. We set everything up and had a cup of tea to discuss strategy. Or what Jo and I hoped was a strategy. This shoot was a first for us.

I think the first inkling that this may not be a stroll in the park was Carrie’s face when I told her that we had two beautiful babies coming – aged 3 weeks and 6 weeks. She looked aghast. But – she recovered well and tried to find the positives, which appeared to be that I had two of everything as we may need them! We did, and I will say at this juncture, that the babies were impeccable and did not cause us any anxiety at all.

Our young models arrived, with a set of parents (and a big sister) for one and a mum and grandmum for the other. The latter was seriously pressed into service as assistant, ironer etc etc and was terrific. (Thank you Jane).

This is where the next big lesson came in. It was not about the designs and the baby but the baby and the designs! Big difference. We waited for their every move, stretch, gurgle and, finally, snooze. They were so, so young and so good. But they were in control! Not us. We waited…

We took a lunch break and the crowning glory of that was the huge Guinness cake that Miranda, a friend and neighbour, had made and brought earlier. It looked amazing and, apparently, was really good for the breast-feeding mothers to eat. The rest of us, without that particular need, just nodded and munched our way through – trying not to count the calories. (Thank you Miranda. We hope for a repeat of that.)

It is hard to describe the atmosphere of fun and hard work and the anticipation of the results. We finished with family shots as mementos.

Our first photoshoot – in the can!



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  1. Katie says:

    Baby not so small anymore, but I can still remember that cake! Thanks Sandra, we loved our day of modelling at 6 weeks.

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