Our First Review

We love all our products and we think they’re great but there is always a moment of trepidation when you start to hear what other people think of them. Has all the hard work, testing and retesting, samples and more samples paid off?

We have been starting to create a twitter presence and so when Mary-Kate Williams, a tots100 mummy blogger @mummy memories and mum to Oliver (4) and impending bump, got in touch with us we were delighted. She is writing a baby shower blog where she gathers comments from lots of mums and was keen to review some of our range. She chose our Bed of Roses hooded towel and the Cuddly Cream Leopard Fleece Blanket.

Cuddly Cream Leopard print Fleece Bed of Roses hooded Towel

I have to confess to waiting anxiously to hear what she had to say. Fortunately she said lots of lovely things including how impressed she was the quality, how they washed up like new and how cosy they are – phew.

You can read what she wrote about our Bed of Roses hooded towel and Snoozy Sand Leopard fleece Blankets in full here.

Bed of Roses Hooded Towel