Planning Your Nursery

Your newborn is on his / her way and your nesting instincts are starting to kick in…. its time to let your creative energy flow and get busy planning your nursery…. before you get too uncomfortable, tired and irritable not to care (!)  If you’re a first-time mum, you may be overwhelmed by what you need and what you should get… and how much everything seems to cost! Or you may take it all in your stride and be very comfortable.  Either way, here are some tips from our Pixie & Jack team to help:

There are various sources of guidance as to what you actually need to get vs. inundating both your purse and nursery with items you use once and wish you’d never bought:

  • Your MidwifeKeep calm and call the midwife
    Your midwife will go through with you things that you need to have ready for your new arrival at about your 36x week appointment.  Sometimes they may also come to your home to check that you have everything in place – don’t feel like you’re being judged if this is the case, it’s part of what they do to help you get prepared.
  • Browse the Baby Department Stores
    Take a wander through some of the larger department stores to see what is on offer across the different areas of need such as sleep, travel, nursing and feeding. Some stores offer advisors to talk you through products you might need.  It’s worth remembering that you don’t have to get everything for your baby from newborn – toddler at the same time.  There is also no pressure to purchase, you can use the time to look at products, get a sense of what you might like, brands you like, go away and look online or in other stores and then make a decision.
  • Your Army of ‘Professional Mums’
    In our ‘Essentials’ blog we shared the value of friends / family who are your go-to for information and help with a newborn.  They can also help here with advice on brands and products that are both good and tried and tested by them and also tell you what not to waste your money on.

Beg, borrow and borrow again!
Once you have your list of items that you need and want to get for your nursery, if you have friends who have babies / children offering to lend you things, this can be a great way to keep the cost of kitting out a new nursery from escalating out of control. If you are borrowing any bedding items (Moses basket, crib, cot) be sure to buy your own mattress, as this is important from a hygiene point of view.

nct logoYour local NCT Nearly New Sale
NCT Nearly New Sales are a great solution for kitting out your child for the first five years. You can find lots of affordable essentials and accessories for you and your family, and feel good about fundraising to support other parents in the UK. Plus you’ll be helping the environment by recycling your family’s old belongings or buying pre-loved items.


For All Things New

For some of your new items, why not indulge in some of our delicious Pixie & Jack hooded towels, blankets, sleeping bags and fitted sheets for travel cots.  They are all made to exceptional standards, supremely soft and snuggly for your new precious arrival and offer a range of classic through to fashion-forward designs so that you can add colour where you want or keep it clean and simple.

Pixie & Jack 16.07.15 071

For everything you buy, check the safety and warranty of products, that they meet with UK safety standards, especially if you’re buying online.  All Pixie and Jack products are tested and approved by UK standards authorities to ensure your little ones are safe in our hands.

Decoration and Colour Schemes
If you know the sex of your baby, you can decorate your nursery incorporating blue / pink colour schemes if you like, or keep it relatively neutral, adding touches of colour here and there.  It’s totally up to you.  If you’re waiting for a surprise and don’t know what the sex is then nice neutral colours can include pale yellows, greens, whites and creams that you can add to once your little delight arrives. You can also add colour / decoration through pictures and furniture. 

There’s loads of ideas on Pinterest – check out our Baby Nursery Group Board.

The most important thing is that the room works for you and the baby and matches your personal style and taste.

The Pixie & Jack team x