Pink for a Girl and Blue for a Boy?

The Gender Colour Debate

As some of our avid readers may have picked up, there was recently an article on The Daily Mail Femail website page highlighting the discussion as to whether gender coloured baby items are out of date.  Link to the article is here if you’re interested:

At Pixie & Jack, this was something that we were aware of when we set out and carefully considered.  In understanding that our customers are often looking for both the traditional and something that is new and fashionable, we wanted to ensure we met the needs of all new mums.

When designing our range, our creative director and founder Sandra Jones took time to think through and test our offering.  She wanted to ensure that where classic colours were included, they had both a modern feel to them as well the much-loved traditional themes that have stood the test of time.   She also wanted to include something that was new, bold and fashion-forward, which reflects her own love and passion for fashion.

As a result of this careful design process, Pixie & Jack have an offering where traditional colour themes have a fresh feel with a mix of both bright bold colours as well as the much-loved gentle pastels often associated with new-borns.  We took care to include subtle hints through edging on white towels and blankets that brought a hint of the gender theme that wasn’t overwhelming, ensuring that there are elements of the range that will appeal to those who want to include some colour but not be overloaded by it.  We also dared to ‘go wild’ with our fabulous animal print blankets, which have proved extremely popular.

Here are some of our top picks from the range that show off the diversity of what we offer:

Bright Bold and Different:



This selection from our hooded towels and animal print blankets show how we have brought bold colours and designs into our range to give our customers beautiful baby products that speak to our fashionable mums while understanding the need that they still work for babies.  There are further bold designs across the range, just click on our website to explore.

Subtle Hues:

fleece_blanket_white_edged_navy_stars.jpghooded_towels_blue_stars.jpg hooded_towels_white_with_pink_dots.jpghooded_towels_pink_stars.jpg

Across the range of hooded towels, luxury fleece blankets and sleeping bags, you can find a subtle take on blues and pinks as well as a number of more neutral colours and designs.  By keeping the body of the products white, we offer a classic and stylish look to these deliciously soft products while incorporating a gentle tone of a gender theme.


fleece_blanket_supersoft_blue_twist.jpg fleece_blanket_supersoft_pink_twist.jpg sleeping_bag_baby_gingham_babies.jpg

All elements within the Pixie & Jack range include an element of the traditional classics. These beautiful products sit alongside the bolder designs to offer luxurious quality in heavenly pastels for all our new little angels.

Let us know what you think of the gender colour debate, we love to know what our customers are thinking and always like hearing your views.

The Pixie & Jack Team x