What Do You Really Need for a New Baby?

As a mother expecting my second baby in August, I have been forcing my part-functioning baby-brain back to the early days of my son’s arrival for some (hopefully) useful nuggets to pass onto first-time mums!  These early months can be a bit of a blur of both immeasurable joy and happiness, mixed in with a fair amount of trepidation, desperation at not knowing what you’re doing and tiredness that everyone talks about but you don’t really get ‘til you’re there!

Below are some of the less obvious lifesavers that I’ll be remembering in August:

Wise words of a ‘professional mum’!

Be she your mum, aunt, mother-in-law, grandmother, friend, new friend from your NCT group, you will have in your midst someone, or a number of different people, who you can draw advice and information from and seem to have got through these early days seemingly in control….she won’t have been by the way, she’ll have learnt as she went along! These people are worth their weight in gold.  Call them whenever you have a question, whether its how many layers should I put on my child or what should he/ she sleep in to advice about finding trusted babysitters, sleep patterns, eating patterns, whatever you want to ask, ask!

Go with your Instinct

Koala mumEven if you are like me and knew nothing about babies before the arrival of your own, you actually have an amazing inbuilt maternal instinct that kicks in, trust it and be guided by it. Use your selected and trusted ‘professional mums’ but trust your own instincts as nine times out of ten, they will be right.  You know your baby better than anyone else, and will develop an understanding between you both as you go along.  Sometimes it takes a bit of time but you’ll get there.




Never say Never

Never Say Never…….this was my first lesson of motherhood! I had some pre-conceived ideas about what I thought was right and what I’d want to do / not do but I quickly learned that sometimes everything goes out the window and you just do what you need to.



While you’re getting to grips with your new world of sleep deprived nights, your baby will be snuggled up in whatever you choose for him / her to sleep in. There’s no right or wrong choice and these days your every potential need is catered for – Moses baskets, cribs, attachable baby-beds that join onto your own and further down the line, cot beds, small singles etc.  The good news is Pixie & Jack is here with you every step of the way with its range cellular blankets, fleece baby blankets and cotton blankets as well as sleeping bags that cover both Summer and Winter and the months in between. The creation of baby sleeping bags is every parents dream, as once they start to move around in their bed, you can rest assured they are safely snuggled up and won’t lose their covers. Always read the safety instructions to guide you.


A Good Room ThermometerThermometer

Most baby products, including all Pixie & Jack linens, hooded bath towels, sleeping bags and blankets, come with advice as to room temperature and layers to put your baby in. This is because babies are not able to regulate their body temperatures for some time, so the advice / guidance is both important and welcome.  In addition to the information on all Pixie & Jack products, a good room thermometer is a great buy for your nursery and will help reassure you that you have your baby in the right number of layers / tog of sleeping bag / sheets and blankets.

A Gentle Guide

Your baby week by week coverIn addition to your selected ‘professional mum’ sources, it doesn’t hurt to have a guide on what to expect in those early days and something to refer to re. feeds / sleep patterns etc.  My best friend gave me this book when my son was born and I found it a really handy guide.  It’s available on online book retailers and in bookstores. Obviously there are other books on the market that you can choose from but I liked the gentle tone of this one and found it non-judgemental at the same time.




For Everything Else

Below are some links that cover all the more obvious basics of essentials for a new born:

Good luck to you all and enjoy the magical time that’s about to turn your world upside-down.  It’s worth every step of the way, even on the days it doesn’t feel like it!

Lizzi King,

Guest Blogger for Pixie & Jack