Summer Slumber – Safe Sleeping for Babies on Warm Nights

Summer Slumber

For the moment anyway summer is here!  Over the next few months (with any luck) we will be in for a spell of lovely warm weather.  You may also be off on holiday to fairer climates, but what does that mean for sleeping babies?  Pixie & Jack are on hand to help:

Sleepwear in Summer Months

In warmer weather, babies will need less sleepwear and a lighter tog sleeping bag, or fewer / lighter blankets (depending on what you are using) than in colder weather – same as us grown ups.  The key difference with babies is that they cannot regulate their body temperature so it is very important to ensure they don’t overheat. You need to check your baby regularly to make sure he or she is not too hot or cold.

Pixie & Jack’s 1.0 tog range of sleeping bags offer you a range of both bold and classic designs for the Summer months, ideal for temperatures between 20°C (68°F) – 23°C (74°F)


ThermometerA good room thermometer is also a great purchase to help you ensure you have the right number of layers or tog for your sleeping bag and can give you peace of mind.  If you are travelling abroad over the summer, we would also recommend you take one with you so that you can adjust your baby’s sleepwear and layers according to the local temperature.  They are available from all well-known baby goods retailers.  If it is a battery operated one, make sure you check batteries before you go away and have spares in case it runs out.  Alternatively, if you have a smart phone, search your app store as there are room thermometer apps you can download.


Sleep Patterns, Climate and Time Zone Changes

dreamstime_xs_30064713Different climates should not affect your baby’s sleep pattern per se.  Where possible, if you have a sleep / feed routine in place, try and stick to it more or less, as this will benefit both you and the baby while you’re away ensuring your holiday is as relaxing and enjoyable as possible.

Climate change can affect a baby’s eating / drinking habits and it is important to ensure your baby / child is well hydrated if you are somewhere hot.  You may find they have a bit less of an appetite, if you are worried at all, ask to speak to a medical advisor where you are or visit a local pharmacy / doctor to seek advice.

Time zone changes can throw a small spanner in the works if you are used to working around a routine, depending on the difference in time.  On the whole, babies are pretty adaptable so you may just need to ‘bed them in’ over your first couple of days and then hopefully they will settle down.  Things that can really help with this is to ensure you create as familiar environment for their sleep as possible so that it matches as much as possible what they would have at home:

  • Top Tip – Take favourite soft toys / comfort blankets, music, lullaby’s or white noise device that you use at home and follow any pre-sleep rituals that you have in place, such as feeds, bath and bed clothes and bedtime stories if you read to them.

Your Baby’s Room Abroad

If you are staying in accommodation with air conditioning then you will be able to ensure you regulate the temperature to ensure that its right for your baby, not too hot or cold.  Its worth finding this out before you travel as it might affect what sleepwear you take for your baby / child.  If your accommodation does not have air conditioning adapt their sleepwear as above to ensure they don’t overheat.   If your nursery has black-out blinds and your baby / young child are used to sleeping in this kind of environment its worth thinking ahead on this and asking if your accommodation have this option for your room.  If you don’t, there are portable blackout blinds that you can find online, just search ‘portable blackout blinds’.

If you have a travel cot, take it with you as well as bottom sheets that your baby is used to – again, the more familiar the environment, including smells of their bedtime, the more settled they will be.  If you need a travel cot, ask when you’re making your booking if your accommodation can provide one for you.

Useful Links

Below are a few useful links on room temperature and sleep:

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