The holiday season fast upon us, but how different are they going to be with your little one from your carefree pre-baby holidays?!  Well, they don’t have to be that different but planning ahead will help to ensure you have as relaxing a time as possible.

Pixie & Jack has compiled a list of tips to help ensure you don’t have to hire a private jet for all your additional luggage!!

Before you leave:

  • Passports: If you haven’t already done so, you will need to get a passport for your child in order to travel overseas. Information about what you need to do is available on the Gov.UK website
  • Entertainment: Pack a variety of smallish / manageable toys in your hand luggage that you can use to entertain your baby / child with. If you’re an iPad user, download a selection of their favourite things e.g. 2x hours of Peppa Pig (!) and remember to fully charge it before you leave!

Overseas destinations:

  • Buggies: all airlines allow passengers with young children to take a foldaway buggy through to the departure gate. Be sure to ask where to pick it up the other end as this can vary. Baby carriers / slings are also allowed.
  • Security: Ah, the joys! Actually, passing through security is actually pretty straightforward in principle.  You will be asked to do the following:
    • Take your child out of a fold down / carry on pram as it will have to go through the detection systems
    • Hold your child out in front of when you go through the scanners so that you and your child ‘pass through’ independently of one another
    • If you have formula / bottled water / prepared food for your child, you will be asked to sample some of it in front a member of staff
  • Seating:
    • A number of airlines have seats with a carrycot / bassinet, giving you a little extra room and a place for your baby to sleep. Contact your airline ahead of your flight to pre-book.
    • Some airlines now allow car seats on-board for young children. While it means purchasing an extra seat vs. them going free and sitting on your lap (under the age of two), it’s something that might be worth considering given most children are comfortable and used to their car seats
  • On-board:
    • If your child is under two and you don’t buy an extra seat for him/ her, be warned that, while you have to pay a contribution to their plane fare, they often do not have a food / drink allowance.
    • Have something that babies and young children can suck for take off and landing. If you are breastfeeding / bottle-feeding, try to time a feed around take off / landing if you can, as the sucking motion will help with the pressure on their ears.  Alternatively dummies have the same effect.
    • Remember, if yours is the baby / child crying and causing mild mayhem on the flight….we’ve all been there and even the rich and famous have problems!! Check out Simon Cowell talking about Eric 

Fun in the Sun: Products / First Aid etc.

  • Make sure you have a stock of good sunscreen. If you are unsure as to which brand to buy, ask your doctor / pharmacist for advice
  • Sunhats – sun hats with a brim help to keep the heat off your little one’s head and also protect their shoulders and face from too much sun
  • Flotation devices – there are all sorts of flotation devices available from most children / baby stockists, choose one that suits your needs and will serve your level of comfort in the water
  • If you’re going somewhere where the local water supply is slightly questionable stock up on lots of suitable bottled water for your little one
  • Take a little first aid kit / kit of products you are used to and comfortable with vs. trying to find something in a pharmacy in a language you don’t speak, e.g.:
    • Small bottle of Calpol / Nurofen for babies
    • Oral rehydration sachets (approved for use with babies / young children) and something to combat constipation so that if your little ones either get diarrhoea or constipation you have a product you’re familiar with ready at hand (change in climate can affect bowel movements)
    • Anything else you use regularly and wouldn’t want to be without

We hope you have a fabulous time, why not send us in some pics of little feet in the sand, a first dip in the sea or just looking cute on a sun lounger when you get back so we can share with our other Pixie & Jack’ers along with any tips you picked up on your travels.


The Pixie & Jack Team x


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