Christening and Naming Ceremonies

Christenings may be in decline when compared to generations past, but the Church of England reports that there are still more than 10,000 taking place annually. And, with naming ceremonies also increasing in popularity, the chances are you may well be asked to join the thousands of godparents/supporting friends who are chosen every year.

Join the Celebrities?

As a new godparent, you’ll join Sir Elton John (godfather to Elizabeth Hurley’s son Damian), Tony Blair (godfather to Rupert Murdoch’s daughter Grace) and Lady Gaga (godmother to Sir Elton’s little Zachary) as that special person who provides trips out to the ice-cream parlour, extra presents at Christmas, and a shoulder to cry on in later years when ‘Mum/Dad just don’t understand!’

Changing times

Prince George was christened wearing a replica of the silk and lace gown worn by every member of the Royals since Edward VII, but most families today choose a less hereditary option, such as a pretty dress that can be worn for other special occasions afterwards. And as for presents, a quick browse through Mumsnet shows that traditional silver gifts, such as bracelets and spoons, can end up gathering dust. More welcome are books and special toys.

Star, anyone?

Increasing in popularity are more long-term gifts, such as planting a tree or giving a bottle of whisky that will be at its best in 18 or 21 years time. You could choose to have a rose named after your goddaughter or son, or even a star. As these aren’t the most tactile of presents, you might want to add a little something extra, a doll with a rose printed dress, perhaps, or a cuddly blanket covered in stars?
cotton_blanket_pink_stars_hanging.jpg cotton_blanket_grey_stars_hanging.jpgcotton_blanket_navy_blue_stars_hanging.jpg