Celebrating Fab Father’s on Father’s Day

Father’s Day falls on 21st June in the UK this year and as always, the Pixie & Jack team are here to help with some ideas on great gifts and thoughts on how fatherhood has transitioned and changed.

Over the last 50 years or so, the modern man has evolved alongside the transformations of the fast-paced world we live in today.  Social interactions and communication have changed in line with increased expectations, the male grooming industry has gone from practically non-existent to being a multi-million pound industry and body image is more prevalent than it ever has been, making men more and more aware of themselves.

At the same time, a shift in focus has also been occurring in the modern day role of a father.  Gone are the days of the remote father who never saw his children and only interacted with them at an arms length.  Any previous barriers that might have existed before between a ‘dotty dad’ and their precious pickles have come down, allowing them (and making it acceptable) to want to spend time with their children.  Father’s also increasingly have an active role in their babies’ lives and whereas once he would have been laughed out of his men’s club for admitting to changing a nappy, those who don’t put in their shift these days are the ones who are now looked down on.   Father’s are helping out with night feeds doing bath and bedtime, are regularly seen pushing prams or with a baby strapped to their chest and in doing so are finding areas of their child’s growth and development that they can champion and own, increasing their bond with their child all the while.

So, lets celebrate all the wonderful dad’s out there who are helping to shape their children’s futures and providing a role model for them to look up to.  Below are some ideas from the Pixie & Jack team for the perfect father’s day gift:

Bath Time Bests

  • Pixie & Jack’s range of hooded towels are a fabulous gift idea for fathers who love sharing bathtime with their offspring.

The team here cleverly understood right from the beginning that well after the six month phase, hooded towels are both necessary and ideal for wrapping up your little one all snug after bath time and produced an ‘oversized’ towel for older babies and toddlers form 6 months – 3 years old.   The Pixie & Jack range includes both beautiful classics and more fun and funky styles.  Have a look and spoil the dad who loves to do bath time.

hooded_towel_bright_flowers.jpg hooded_towel_red_stars_stripes.jpg p-548-hooded_towel_blue_stars_stripes.jpghooded_towel_pink_roses.jpg

  • Learning and Fun at the same time

Bath letters

Make bath time fun and educational at the same time with ‘wet and stick’ alphabet letters, available from almost any baby retailer.  We think these are a great idea as they are fun to play with in a lovely bubbly bath and Dads can help to start their little ones off on their ABCs.





Jackanory Story Time – Pixie’s Picks

The Booktrust has some great ideas on books for 0-5 years that will make great presents for Dad’s to read at bedtime, plus a few ideas especially for Father’s Day.

Daddy books1  daddy book3    daddy book2

Personalised Pottery

daddy potteryIn your local high street or a nearby shopping centre, there is probably a pottery café.  These are wonderful places to take little ones for a creative and fun time and to decorate mugs, bowls, tea/coffee mats with hand prints or names for the perfect personalised father’s day gift.  To find your nearest pottery cafe search on Google <kids pottery café> with your area and you should find somewhere great to get creative.